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Navigating the Nexus of Art and Time: 

"I aim to distil the essence of our unbounded present, where information is shaped by subtractive forces, characterised by convergence and interplay."

Artistic Exploration

Anthony Vizard's work emerges from the intersection of art, design, and fashion. He boldly explores the dynamic interplay between past and present, process and perception, confidently bridging digital and analogue boundaries and questioning mediums, methods, and means. His prismatic approach to collage and colour work, as seen in his reworking of fashion magazine pages, is a hallmark of his larger body of work.

Artist's Perspective

​Anthony's approach challenges perceptions and initiates a dialogue about the evolving dynamics between image-making, technology, and time. His works invite viewers to reflect on the ephemeral and enduring, the tangible and virtual, and the artificial spaces and speeds within which we view reality. Anthony encourages viewers to consider the complexities of our digital reality and its relationship to visual culture in the modern world.

Connect with Anthony

Explore the artist's statement and more. Thank you for viewing my work. Please email me for inquiries or further discussions. I look forward to connecting.

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