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Anthony Vizard


Navigating the Nexus of Art and Time: An Artistic Journey

"I aim to distill the essence of our unbounded present, where information is shaped by subtractive forces, characterised by convergence & interplay."

British-born, artist, and intrepid adventurer, Anthony Vizard stands at the crossroads of art, design, and fashion. His story is rooted in the mining communities of his grandfathers, where the raw reality of struggle sparked an indefatigable artistic fire. This fire fueled a bold journey, leading him to Paul Smith's London atelier, on to the pulsating heart of Hong Kong, and ultimately honing a vivid and distinctive aesthetic voice.

DSCF7267, 2021

Gesso, acrylic on canvas

106.5 x 92.5 / 42 x 36 1/2 in


Vizard navigates the fascinating friction between digital and analogue. His work unravels the complex relationship between culture and creation, serving as a dynamic temporal dialogue. His vast experiences and collaborations with iconic brands throughout Asia, America, and Europe, act as a cultural melting pot, refining his boundless creativity, and profoundly shaping his aesthetic path.


DSCF6889, 2020

Gesso, acrylic on canvas

107 x 92 cm / 42 1/2 x 37 in

DSCF6887, 2020

Gesso, acrylic on canvas

107 x 92 cm / 42 1/2 x 37 in


With a keen eye on the modern narrative of art, Vizard finds inspiration in the seismic shifts between the 3rd and 4th industrial revolutions and the blistering pace of societal evolution. A striking example is his evolving series where he ingeniously transforms glossy fashion magazine images into conduits for conversation, continuity, and creativity. This approach illuminates his intuitive wayfinding, where the work becomes a therapeutic journey, guided by his deep-seated intuition and a profound curiosity in his artistic expression.


DSCF6416, 2021

Acrylic on Mutoh eco-solvent printed canvas

119.5 x 89 cm / 47 x 35 in

DSCF6412, 2020

Acrylic on Mutoh eco-solvent printed canvas

127 x 98.5 cm / 50 x 38 3/4 in


Vizard's distinctive practice integrates digital imagery, printing, overpainting, and a prismatic approach to collage and colourwork. His work spotlights the dynamic force between clarity and confusion, simplicity and complexity. By incorporating aspects of history, speed, and time as mediums in his work, he crafts narratives that confront fleeting gratification and provoke viewers towards thought-provoking introspection.


DSCF7138, 2021

Acrylic on offset printed paper

29.5 x 23 cm / 11 3/4 x 9 in

DSCF7151, 2021

Acrylic on offset printed paper

29.5 x 23 cm / 11 3/4 x 9 in


Vizard's work echoes our shared cultural kaleidoscope, melting pot of time, history, intuition, and idea. It delves into the rhythmic poetry of the past, present, and future, unceasingly recognising the compelling sway of changing cultural undercurrents on the relentless march of time and artistic expression. His art invites viewers on a vibrant and deeply personal exploration as he continues his voyage through the intriguing nexus of time, culture, and artistic discourse.


DSCF6838, 2021

Acrylic on offset printed paper

29.5 x 23 cm / 11 3/4 x 9 in

Balancing the ephemeral and the enduring, the digital and the physical, each artwork is a testament to the transformative power of time. Within every creation lies a challenge to rethink the relationship between tradition and contemporary practices, tangibility and virtuality. Where fashion, art, and design intersect, narratives are woven, probing the boundaries of our disposable culture. Sparked by coincidence and serendipity, the creative spirit within breathes life and depth into each piece of art. Essentially a cultural kaleidoscope, the art explores our interconnected world, translating it into a captivating visual symphony. Inviting viewers into a dialogue about the evolving relationship between analogue and digital realms, each piece tells a unique story.

DSCF6402, 2016

Lambda output on Kodak Professional Endura Metallic Paper

26 x 26 cm / 10.25 x 10.25 in


DSCF6143, 2020

Acrylic & gesso on canvas

131 x 98 cm / 51 1/2 x 38 5/8 in


Artists Statement

I, Anthony Vizard, am an artist deeply intertwined with the evolving landscapes of art and fashion, my roots grounded in my grandfathers' mining communities. My journey, from a prestigious London atelier to the vibrant heart of Hong Kong, imbues my work with diverse influences.

Included in my artistic practice is the transformation of glossy fashion magazine images into portals for modern discourse. As part of an evolving series, this practice reinterprets these images' inherent timestamps, engaging in a dynamic interplay of digital and traditional media that reflects my curiosity and boundary-bending intentions.

In this contemporary digital age marked by constant novelty, I grapple with the role of painting, confronting transient visual consumption through the mediums of speed, time, and history. My work acts as a mirror to our collective cultural mosaic, weaving together elements of time, history, intuition, and ideas.

Drawing inspiration from Ernst Gombrich, Stanley Whitney, and Adam Pendleton, among others, my art calls for critical reflection and active engagement.


My practice, constantly evolving, incorporates the notion that art can reshape perceptions, challenge norms, and create profound, transcendent connections. In this light, I strive to subvert the status quo, utilizing image tropes to spotlight our altered relationship with image value and consumption in the contemporary digital age.

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